…And forgive us our sins; for we also forgive everyone that is indebted to us…


If we forgive one another, peace and healing will ours forever more.

Who ever refuse to forgive, is a debtor and he can never fine joy in whatever his doing. Because the joy of relationship had been cut-off, just as in the days Adam.

Let there be unity and love in wherever we are living as dearly beloved. Hatred is sign of darkness which lead everlasting doom.

As a light bearer, let follow the footstep our Lord. Jesus Christ, for said ,

…I am the light of the world…

by bear image his light so therefore we may the seed of forgiveness

The Seeds Of Forgiveness

1. Answer to prayers

2. Wisdom for exploit

3. Healings

4. Good health

5. Abundant joy

6. Protection

7. Deliverance

8. Divine Intervention

9. Peace of mind

10. Everlasting life

Forgiveness is a final form love