1. It’s only the Lord that gives strength.
  2. His love is everlasting
  3. He never fail those who waited upon him.
  4. He comfort them even in distress he suffered them not.

They That Waited Upon The Lord

We’re all called out of perdition of accuser the Satan. Living on earth here, we must be wiser than serpent.

Go your ways: behold, I send you forth as a Lambs among wolves. Luke 10:3

When Jesus sent out his disciples into the world, he knew what is the world, what the world is capable of. I send you among the wolves.

Who Are The Wolves?

  1. Lion that come to devour you
  2. Dog who comes to scare out of your inheritance
  3. Howl that giving you sleepless night

All these are the things which should lead you to wait tirelessly for the Lord.

For they that waited upon him, renew their wings like an eagle.

Soar to high places on earth.