Jesus saith unto him, Rise, take upñ thy bed and walk. John 5:8

We all have explanation to every day challenged. Everyone you come across either a colleague or friends, their problems are bigger than they or your own vices.

Our today’s opening verse, if you go through it from the starting point you will find a man who had an infirmity for “thirty eight ” good solid years sitting in one spot seeking for deliverance, which will come only once in year.

He was entitled to this deliverance, because it was free. But only one thing which the man couldn’t afford required. And that was Speed.

Beloved, when you are in trouble, in need or whatever; all you needed at the moment is “divine speed” and the speed at that minute is Faith. Putting all your trust in God, believing all impossibility are possible in Christ Jesus who loved us and gave us his life on the cross.

Thirty eight years in a spot with pains is not a two days story. He was there at the healing pool, waiting for the stirring of water by the angle. And before he could get into the water other person stepped in before him.

When he had an encounter with Christ Jesus.

Jesus asked him,

wilt thou be made whole?

His explanations was my helpers are far away from me, Sir. I have no man to help me immediately the angle trouble the water another get in before I do.

Jesus looked at him, in his heart and said, now, your helper is here! The years of your pains are over. Rise, take up thy bed, and walk.

Jesus did not come for you to remain on that sick bed.

Jesus did not come for you to live in those prescribed drugs.

God did not sent Jesus to meet and lives with you in that pains

He came to set you free,

He came to give you joy without measure, be clause greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

Don’t give up Jesus loves you.